D’Lemor – “Shine”

So here we are, at long last!  I’ve been waiting to tell you about D’Lemor. …and I am in fact, going to dare her to dream. Here’s the thing…or perhaps several things…we’ll see how this goes, you know how I like to ramble… When I first crossed paths with D’Lemor not too long ago, I […]Read More

Christa Deánā – “Shine”

Christa Deánā – “Shine” – Single Review Coolness.  Back-to-back faith-based artists that are bringing something real to the genre – I can dig that.  We just toured through the latest cut by Soul Recruiter, and now we’ve got this new single from Christa Deánā called “Shine” – both these names are putting their stamp on […]Read More

ODELLA – “Shine” Featuring Ivory Lee

ODELLA – “Shine” Featuring Ivory Lee – Single Review Not gonna lie…from the professional look of ODELLA’s main site I was expecting something…hmm…I suppose something that wasn’t this!  I feel like maybe it looks like it’s built for a more traditional style of music or something…that’s not a knock against ODELLA, just an observation…I’m more […]Read More

Andrew Gerard – “One More Night”/”Shine”

Andrew Gerard – “One More Night”/”Shine” – Singles Review I have the feeling that if you’re a part of the camp surrounding Andrew Gerard and his music, you’re probably in pretty damn good spirits these days.  There is every reason to celebrate; he’s getting airplay on over thirty stations in the UK, he’s shifted his […]Read More