D’Lemor – “Shine”

 D’Lemor – “Shine”

So here we are, at long last!  I’ve been waiting to tell you about D’Lemor.

…and I am in fact, going to dare her to dream.

Here’s the thing…or perhaps several things…we’ll see how this goes, you know how I like to ramble…

When I first crossed paths with D’Lemor not too long ago, I was introduced to a very genuine & sincere personality.  I spend just about all day every day reading artist & band biographies, talking with people, sending e-mails, writing my own stuff as well of course…and perhaps the best way I can explain it is to simply boast and say I know the real deal whenever it shows up.  Reading through her messages and social-media & whatnot…was so refreshing to be truthful – she’s so remarkably humble and grounded – D’Lemor’s extremely down to earth, and a proud mom of two wonderful kids.  She’s got the kind of endearing personality that instantly has you cheering for her to find whatever success she’s seeking out.

But you see folks…that’s all part of this – we all define success differently, of course.  D’Lemor’s already hit the jackpot in life and she knows that – I just told ya, she’s a mother of two fantastic kids – mission accomplished as far as I can tell, that’s already a massive achievement.  That being said, anyone out there that’s ever gone through the whole process of starting up a life, a career, a family…all that adult stuff really…you know how far it can take you from the path you originally felt you might end up on.  And don’t get me wrong – for some of you, that certainly works out for the better…some of you go on to find out that family is where it’s at and you can’t wait for dinnertime at the table, or game night…or whatever it is normal families do lol…I grew up with fragments of normalcy, so I really don’t personally know, but you get it – some people out there really dig that family stuff, and it’s more than everything they’ll ever need…and that’s fine.  What’s equally fine, is if it’s not…or even if it was for a while, and it’s not anymore…or even if it STILL is, like I’m sure it is for D’Lemor – sometimes you just wanna go after the dreams you always had and fulfill them now that the kids are older, and who on earth could blame ya?  You’ve done your due diligence…and those wonderful kids you’ve raised will WANT to see you go out & embrace your passions & live your life to the fullest.  And you should!  D’Lemor is doing that now.

So while there’s a part of me that certainly appreciates how she might feel like it’s taken a long time for her to get here – it’s better to have arrived, then to have never shown up at all, is it not?  And believe me when I tell ya, when you hear the sound of her voice…you’ll know instantly this is where she belongs.  Late starter or not, she’s got an extremely valid place in making music, and vocals that could absolutely take her anywhere she wants to go.  On this song “Shine” that we’ve got posting up here and we played on the SBS Podcast earlier, D’Lemor is every bit as vibrant & gorgeous as a Disney princess, sounding bold & beautiful & radiantly confident in what’s inarguably a truly stellar performance, 100%.  I get it, I get it…my regular readers are like “Disney princess huh?  From the guy that always says he was ‘born Grunge’ – he likes this?”  And the answer dear readers, dear friends…is an emphatic YES…yes I do.  In fact, I’ll take it all one step even further – I’d tell you that D’Lemor sounds like she’s right in the prime of her life right now – I really think she’s that good, and I really believe she’s got a tremendous future still ahead of her as a career musician in these next years to follow.  Dare to dream D’Lemor – it’s real.

Now here’s where I do that whole writer-thing and tie this entire story together neatly for ya – ready?

This is the result of being real.  What you hear in “Shine” and WHY it’s so filled with heart, light, and love – is because it’s all an authentic reflection of who D’Lemor truly is on the inside & out.  I told ya from the get-go here…I’m no stranger to spotting talent and the genuine article – it’s the fact that there’s no pretense whatsoever to be found in the way she sings…and that humble grace & sweet spirit she has, almost doesn’t even have a choice but to come pouring through the microphone and into the music.  Unforced…natural…organic…honest…beautiful…a song like “Shine” is all of this and so much more; it speaks immediately to the dreamer inside of all of us, and emanates a purely angelic sound that is undeniably appealing.  Not only does she sound amazing and stunningly professional – but I was really wasn’t kidding at all about the Disney princess comment – she could have a whole new career doing soundtracks, or being the lead star of the show…as far as my ears can tell, it’s literally dealers choice.

Now that she’s here and finally arrived – the whole world is your oyster D’Lemor – it’s time to go get it!

All that time she’s put into everyone else throughout the years…let’s be real here – D’Lemor has more than earned this moment for herself – and she should truly be celebrating the results.  “Shine” is an absolutely gorgeous tune and a great song – and I truly hope she recognizes all the reasons why it came out as wonderful as it has…it’s because of her…it’s because of who she is…it’s because this is the artist that she was always meant to be.  “Shine” is what it sounds like when a person reaches their destiny at long last & finds that place where they belong – I think D’Lemor is absolutely remarkable in every way.

Find out more about D’Lemor at her official websites below!

Homepage:  https://www.dlemor.com

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/d_lemor

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/musicbydlemor

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/d_lemor

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/1wJ6sniLxNPSfjRvZQLP7k

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