ODELLA – “Shine” Featuring Ivory Lee

 ODELLA – “Shine” Featuring Ivory Lee

ODELLA – “Shine” Featuring Ivory Lee – Single Review

Not gonna lie…from the professional look of ODELLA’s main site I was expecting something…hmm…I suppose something that wasn’t this!  I feel like maybe it looks like it’s built for a more traditional style of music or something…that’s not a knock against ODELLA, just an observation…I’m more than happy with what I’ve found here in the new single “Shine” featuring Ivory Lee, and anything classical might have just put me back to sleep this early in the morning anyhow.  I got my usual three hours of slumber…which will recharge me for nearly another twenty-four in most cases…doesn’t mean I couldn’t use a good tune to help wake up though, it certainly always helps me as I’m sure it does for you too.

And this…THIS is built of pure uplifting sonic energy!

For real, if you haven’t found that flashy summer song you’ve been looking for this season – “Shine” is ready to slide right into your speakers and become that anthem you need.  This is one tasty tune for your ears to snack on with all the catchy sound & hooks you could ask for inviting you to sing along.  It’s got a slight disco vibe to it for sure…we could go back & forth on how they’ve updated the sound enough to fit into the modern-day Electro-Pop/R&B-Soul style…but at the end of the day, we still know where this kind of music originated, right?  Ain’t no shame in telling it like it is…and just like many of you out there, that’s definitely not a vibe I’m immune to – I don’t know how anyone could be with so much rhythm & smooth-grooves continually driving the sound.  So like…not to go back into the whole website thing again…but there you have it…like I was telling you at the start, it really wasn’t what I expected.  That being said, I think no matter what you might be expecting beforehand, you’ll all be pleased with what you discover on ODELLA’s “Shine” with Ivory Lee – this is undeniably tight audio entertainment.

Musically, this single kind of fits somewhere in the realm of something like Dada Life or Linus Loves and say, something flashy with vibrant vocal-hooks like Maroon 5.  It’s got just enough of an electro-twinge to keep that whole crowd of listeners happy, it’s got a light-funk/disco vibe that incorporates guitars, bass, and drums in that traditional sense to keep the rest of the people out there more than satisfied.  Face it – those bass-lines are kickin’ yo!  Half the energy in “Shine” is supplied through that brilliant low-end groove alone I swear.  Gotta give credit to the whole shiny package though…the drum sounds are crisp and energetic, the guitar licks add that perfect addition of personality & character to really make the sound on “Shine” sparkle around the bass-lines holding the rhythm in place & the electro-elements swirling in the atmosphere.

And then there’s Ivory Lee.

What a radiant performance!  Someone get this man a high-five and an award or two for this guest appearance will ya?  I’ll put it this way…it really doesn’t get any more audibly apparent than what you’ll find on this tune – as far as collaborations go, Lee’s vocal style, approach, tone & overall sound are a perfect match for the vibe that ODELLA has created and he puts in an incredibly dynamic & highly skilled performance on the mic.  Full of technique and immaculately spot-on bright tones, Ivory Lee takes a great song and makes it even greater – he flawlessly matches the vibrant sound of the music on “Shine” pound-for-pound with inspired vocals that complement absolutely everything about this track from the wild energy in the music to the core sentiment expressed through the uplifting lyricism.  Dude embodies what this track is ultimately all about and brings the entertainment to the microphone at every opportunity.  Between them both, ODELLA and Ivory Lee truly “Shine” together – it’s not only full of passion and high-quality sound from performance to production, it’s also all-out FUN and the kind of catchy vibe that’ll have you reaching straight for the volume knob to test the limits of your speakers.

There’s an incredible catalog of tunes growing at ODELLA’s main website – “Shine” is but one of many excellent compositions, songs, and sounds coming out from this audibly enticing music project & it’s definitely worth your time to check out more of what’s goin’ on over there – do that here at this link:  https://www.odellamusiccomposer.com

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