Second Choice – “Fade Away”

Second Choice – “Fade Away” – Music Video Post If you tuned into the SBS Podcast earlier today, you had the opportunity to hear the latest single by Second Choice called “Fade Away” spun on our show & learn a little bit more about this project helmed by Fredrik Lindström that we’ve been following here […]Read More

SBS Podcast 152

Come get yourself a dose of some sonic diversity gathered from the incredible independent music scene we share!  We’ve got features on the new music happening with ARIA, Second Choice, Sweet Lily Love, Link&Chain, Kayola, and Grass Wolf in the mix today, in addition to tunes from Happy Ghosts featuring Kimberly Steele, Blue Soul Ten […]Read More

SBS Podcast 092

Another audio odyssey deep into the independent music-scene! Join us as we explore tunes from all over the globe in all kinds of styles & sounds, featuring music by: Pete Gustard, School Friends, Annalisa, Silent Gnomes, Chasing Jonah, Paul The Trombonist, Evoletah, a double-shot of the past & present from Lola de Hanna, and we’ll […]Read More

Second Choice – “Sad” Featuring Nadja Fridström

What else can be said?  Sometimes life & love have a way of making us “Sad” – but thankfully, when it does, there are songs, artists, and bands out there to help express how we’re feeling through the music they make.  In a collaborative effort, composer Fredrik Lindström came up with the melancholy piano melody […]Read More