Second Choice – “Sad” Featuring Nadja Fridström

 Second Choice – “Sad” Featuring Nadja Fridström

What else can be said?  Sometimes life & love have a way of making us “Sad” – but thankfully, when it does, there are songs, artists, and bands out there to help express how we’re feeling through the music they make.  In a collaborative effort, composer Fredrik Lindström came up with the melancholy piano melody that flows throughout the core of the new Second Choice single “Sad,” and he gets a strong assist from the emotionally-heavy performance put in by featured guest Nadja Fridström, who also wrote the lyrics.  Set deep in heartbreak & undeniable pain still fresh while looking back on the past of a relationship once filled with joy and now disintegrated, “Sad” is a highly-relatable song that many listeners who have loved & lost will certainly be able to identify with.  Complete with its own story-video full of spectacular scenes to support the downtrodden vibe & desperate feelings that hang in the desolate atmosphere of “Sad” – Second Choice is willing to dive deep into emotional despair in an effort to find closure, to heal, to be free to love again – and to pass their experience onto others, through music.

We’ll be playing the new single “Sad” on the next episode of the SBS Podcast and talking about Second Choice more on the next episode of the SBS Podcast – until then, find more music at the official YouTube channel here:

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