Second Choice – “Fade Away”

 Second Choice – “Fade Away”

Second Choice – “Fade Away” – Music Video Post

If you tuned into the SBS Podcast earlier today, you had the opportunity to hear the latest single by Second Choice called “Fade Away” spun on our show & learn a little bit more about this project helmed by Fredrik Lindström that we’ve been following here on our pages since the springtime of 2020.  While lots may have changed with the world since that point – the demeanor, tone, and entire vibe of Second Choice remains the same…rooted in a desolate atmosphere that blends despair & melody together as one.  Like I had mentioned on our show – it’s not going to be the happiest music you’ll be listening to in 2022 – but that certainly doesn’t mean or imply that songs like “Fade Away” don’t serve their own valid place on playlists and an equally important purpose when it comes to our humanity overall.  Let’s be real here for a moment shall we?  As human beings, we’re not exactly in the greatest of moods all the time – and the last thing you’d want to reach for in more depressed states or melancholy moments would be some ridiculous Top 40 tune or a song by the Beach Boys – and that’s where Second Choice comes in to fill the void through a chasm of emotion & expression that’s unafraid to dive into the darker side of our thoughts.  Artists like Fredrik and projects/bands like Second Choice are crucial to who we are as people – not just to give us quality tunes to listen to & videos to watch – but to provide an evocative experience that is able to communicate what most would never dare to, in a genuine effort for catharsis and relief.

It’s tough stuff & there’s really no two ways about it…the reality is, many people out there will find what Second Choice has put together with “Fade Away” as relatable as it is real.  Far too many of us have seen & witnessed the light in someone we love snuffed out before their time, sometimes metaphorically, and of course, sometimes as a matter of fact & cold, brutal, real-life experience.  “Fade Away” might not offer a ton of answers as to how to navigate around the feelings that would come with such devastating scenarios…but it does confirm that you’re not alone if you’ve felt like this yourself or experienced something similar…and sometimes, that’s enough and all we truly need.  “Fade Away” supplies sadness directly, without shame, without judgment, and without hesitation, knowing full-well that these are all real emotions, thoughts, and feelings so many of us share whether we’d readily admit it, or not.  I fully salute the melancholy side of melancholy…it’s authentically important, and it’s songs like “Fade Away” that we feel right in the fabric of our DNA…like we’ve been yearning to express something that our words cannot, and Second Choice has figured out how to capture all that through the music being made.

Make sure to check out the recent episode of the SBS Podcast featuring the music of Second Choice on our show by clicking here – and check out this video that’s been put together to support the new single as well.  From Lindström’s composition, instrumentation, and writing – to the guest-star appearance from singer Berzan Önen – they’ll take you on a trip out of the light & into the dark without reservations.

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