2000 Reviews!

Endless thank-yous to you all. 2000 Reviews!!! When this whole thing started nearly seven years ago, we weren’t even writing reviews yet…we didn’t even really have a website.  Like all things in life, SBS was built from the ground-up…piece by piece, bit by bit…and built to last.  Every song, record, artist, band, fan, and follower […]Read More

Cheesy Boy – “Jesus Jeans”

Cheesy Boy – “Jesus Jeans” – Music Video Release/Review OK!  Now that I’ve cleaned up all the coffee I just spit out all over my computer after the VERY FIRST LINE in the verse of the new cut from Cheesy Boy MADE me laugh SO HARD with its completely out of the blue opening, I […]Read More

.bipolar – “Overnighter”

When a drummer is wearing a shirt that says Hella – you’ve got my attention…that’s a drummer that assuredly knows what’s up when it comes to music. Dig this!  Gripping new metal cut from .bipolar called “Overnighter” with an equally rad video to support this punishing tune.  Set in the growing mayhem of a house […]Read More

TIME – “Ebonics”

TIME – “Ebonics” –  Single Review New cut from Detroit from rapper TIME – the animated video for “Ebonics” just hit the net at the end of last month & features some classic scenes from the Boondocks series, which I still love to this very day.  I always find it interesting to check out music […]Read More