Cheesy Boy – “Jesus Jeans”

 Cheesy Boy – “Jesus Jeans”

Cheesy Boy – “Jesus Jeans” – Music Video Release/Review

OK!  Now that I’ve cleaned up all the coffee I just spit out all over my computer after the VERY FIRST LINE in the verse of the new cut from Cheesy Boy MADE me laugh SO HARD with its completely out of the blue opening, I can write the rest of my thoughts out here.

First being, Cheesy Boy, we might have to talk about some arrangement for payback here…or at least a new keyboard if I can’t get the rest of this coffee out of it.

WHO ON EARTH starts out a song with a badass line like “I got Mitt Romney money?”  Cheesy Boy, that’s who.  And come on – that’s freakin’ GENIUS-level funny.  I could quote this guy all day long; there are so many memorable lines and an undeniable thread of humor that is so genuine and organic in Cheesy Boy’s new single “Jesus Jeans” that it becomes quickly impossible to deny just how much widespread appeal this guy has in his music.  Not only is he talented as an entertainer, singer, emcee, etc. etc. – but when you factor in the uplifting attitude, humor and vibe of his style & sound…this guy could set it all off at any time and really make a mark or two out there in the online world of music.  He’s playing it smart by creating complex & clever lines that are guaranteed to induce grins & good times – and when it comes to the visual support, he’s crushing it just as hard with the imagery you’ll see onscreen in the video for “Jesus Jeans” being every bit as focused & funny as he is with his music.

Cheesy Boy can joke all he wants to – but when real talent and perspective are on display, it can’t be hidden…so make no mistake, he’s a funny guy for sure, but also reveals himself to be a seriously committed artist that has the professional level of focus required to make his writing, style & music truly connect with the people out there.  LOVED the editing, effects and scenes of the video for “Jesus Jeans” and line-after-line, bar-after-bar, Cheesy Boy continually impressed with clever lyrics that really show just how much work is being put in here…don’t let the humor fool you, let it entice you – this guy’s all pro & pretty much guaranteed to find his way to viral success out there on the internet sooner or later.

I’m willing to bet on sooner.  Have a listen & look at “Jesus Jeans” and you will be too.  This cut comes from Cheesy Boy’s new mixtape Wild Life, which is coming out just around the corner on February 28th of this year…until that day comes, stay tuned on the details by checking out his official page at Spotify:

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