.bipolar – “Overnighter”

 .bipolar – “Overnighter”

When a drummer is wearing a shirt that says Hella – you’ve got my attention…that’s a drummer that assuredly knows what’s up when it comes to music.

Dig this!  Gripping new metal cut from .bipolar called “Overnighter” with an equally rad video to support this punishing tune.  Set in the growing mayhem of a house party that seems to have room for just about everyone – watch .bipolar devour the crowd with a powerful & meaty sound that’ll rattle your bones.  EPIC pillow fight-club happening…people be makin’ it rain Monopoly money (those BIG bills too yo – the 5-hundos)…booze & music & bodies EVERYWHERE – even a pinata in the mix in the scenes of the massively entertaining video for “Overnighter.”  Mad respect to this metal crew – you really get a wild dose of their extreme personalities and Metalcore music to match it through this WICKED single/video they put out around this time last year…and if you haven’t experienced .bipolar for yourself yet, now is the perfect time to click that video for “Overnighter” below and take-in the intensity of the visual chaos & screamingly powerful sound.

Find out more from the .bipolar official website at:  https://www.bipolarmetal.com/

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