April 2022 Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Here’s another month’s worth of incredible music that has been absolutely ignored by the vast majority of the planet – including YOU! C’mon now…quit blushing.  You know how proud you are of your anti-music stance!  There’s so much time for music in any given day…but you…you chose specifically to watch that funny cat video on […]Read More

March Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

There was music, we featured it, chances are ya didn’t listen, but hey, it’s always sweet to have a reason to repeat ourselves. The SBS Secret Stash Of Stellar Singles channel is now closing in on DOUBLE DIGITS for subscribers inside of three long months! Absolutely incredible.  Definitions may vary. Anyhow…to all eight of you […]Read More

SBS Podcast 100

It’s that magical time of the week – and a reminder to get in on the action in supporting the independent music-scene – it’s Proof Of Purchase Vol. 4 on the SBS Podcast!  A full lineup of incredible cuts and first impressions from the recent harvest at Bandcamp – don’t forget to get involved on […]Read More

SBS Podcast 072

Taking you from one side of the musical universe to the other – we got a double-episode special for ya, loaded with tunes & inspiration you KNOW you want, need, and crave for the upcoming summer.  Brand-new music in the mix from School Friends, Justin Llamas, and Mystah Spaulding featuring Grim Singmuf & SK The […]Read More

SBS Podcast 058

Another spectacular show filled with audio-awesomeness from all over the independent scene, including brand-new tunes from Untitled Art, Peter Senior, and I, Useless! Plus a whole army of killer cuts and past artists you know from our show including tunes from The Betters, Outrun The Arrow, Aztec, Pinto And The Bean, Sam And The Black […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound 2017 Nominations – Sam & The

SBS Best New Sound Nominations Day Two:  Sam & The Black Seas The stunning clarity and crystal-clear melodies found on the album Silver by Sam & The Black Seas were without a doubt, some of the best songs of 2017.  Where most tender-tunes and slow-songs can often have a harder time getting heard, they made […]Read More

Sam And The Black Seas – Silver

Sam And The Black Seas – Silver – Album Review On April 21st last year in 2016, we received a link to a modest handful of songs via Soundcloud link to first discover the music of Sam And The Black Seas.  As it turned out, those songs happened to be amazing…and my enthusiasm for this […]Read More

Sam And The Black Seas – “Something Went Wrong”

Sam And The Black Seas – “Something Went Wrong” – Single Review There continues to be every reason to support this band. Believe me…if you saw this side of the screen from wherever you are and the amount of requests I take-in to listen to & follow Sam And The Black Seas & what they’re […]Read More

SBS Podcast 014

Doing what we do best & helping uncover some of the best tunes out there in today’s independent music-scene – you can expect all kinds of sonic-awesomeness from this new episode featuring the incredible music of: Tune Tank – Nixie – Morrow’s Memory – 1FM – Aztec – The Drama Dolls – Convey – Sun.Set.Ships […]Read More

Sam And The Black Seas – “Agata”

Sam And The Black Seas – “Agata” – Single Review Earlier on in the year when we first covered the music of Sam And The Black Seas through a collection of Soundcloud recordings, the gem of a melody called “Agata” first became known to us.  Truthfully, it was the first song I’d experienced from the […]Read More