Sam And The Black Seas – “Agata”

 Sam And The Black Seas – “Agata”

Sam And The Black Seas – “Agata” – Single Review

Earlier on in the year when we first covered the music of Sam And The Black Seas through a collection of Soundcloud recordings, the gem of a melody called “Agata” first became known to us.  Truthfully, it was the first song I’d experienced from the band…and one that still holds a special place in my heart for its beautifully sound – but also because it was the first experience into the magic of the music of this band.  Sometimes…when a band does it right…when they create something truly stunning…the result becomes what it should be – and that first impression is so bold, bright & beautiful in your mind that it never leaves you; that’s the case with the song “Agata” for me personally when it comes to Sam And The Black Seas…it’s an unforgettable song.

Sometimes I forget the good fortune I have in being able to peer behind the scenes and hear songs as they’re still being written, ideas as they’re being formed, albums still being mixed and playlists still being hidden away from the general public.  That’s not to say I take it for granted…I just love listening to music all the time and don’t always notice where the links to the songs bring me.  Upon listening to “Agata” again by clicking without thinking…I was immediately struck by that familiarity of a great sound I recognized; and at first what I thought might have been sent to me in error became the realization that the time has finally come for “Agata” to be officially released to the rest of the world out there.

You lucky people you!  Some of you out there haven’t even realized how lucky you are yet!  Tune into the SBS Podcast later this evening…I’m going to give “Agata” a spin on the playlist today to let you in on just how special this shiny little melody really is just to make sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to the gorgeous music being made by the indie-folk sounds of Sam And The Black Seas.  Just in case you can’t wait…and I recommend that you shouldn’t – check it out right now while you read the rest of this review!

As far as my memory recollects, if anything at all, maybe the production and mix of “Agata” has possibly improved…but even that I’m not sure of.  This track was completely ready to go and sounded golden to my ears when I first heard it…it might have a little more polish on it this time around…maybe…I’d have to go back and compare it.  Most importantly, the song itself and its blissfully sweet lyrics and melody are completely intact…the beauty of the writing in “Agata” shines every bit as brightly here as I remember it.  We’ve all had that experience of hearing a song that we haven’t listened to for a while and feel that panic of ‘where was this in my collection?’ or ‘did I really almost forget this song?’ – and that alone proves the fact that there is multiple times you can support & promote your music-made, past or present, as time goes on.  I’m more than thankful this tune is getting it’s official due and being put out into the world for all to enjoy it as I have…the warm & invitational nature of the melody and the perfect sound of the vocals resonate right within the very soul and core of our shared humanity.

The lyrics are spot-on for the melody of the song…the gentleness of the music meets a voice that seems to increase with confidence in the pursuit of love & genuine emotion.  Sam And The Black Seas sound absolutely crystal clear and captivating throughout the entire track…but you can’t ignore that this melody springs to life even further once that powerful chorus hits.  There’s longing, there’s loving, there’s genuine feelings and questioning…insights and perspective on relationships to ourselves and our surroundings…they really manage to cover a ton and just on the outside of two-minutes in length.

“Agata” is truly the kind of time-stopping moment that we all hope to hear in a day somewhere, wherever we are.  There’s a clarity in this track that will speak to you – whether it comes from the music, vocals, lyrics or all combined – this is the kind of melody you’ll certainly keep on the inside of you…and every time you hear it again it’ll bring you right back to that magical feeling you had from the first time you heard it.  “Agata” is stunningly beautiful and the performance is 100% as perfect as you could ever hope to hear – it’s a real highlight from the Sam And The Black Seas catalog and I’m truly happy that this humble tune has finally made it out into the world officially for all to hear it.

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