SBS Podcast 058

 SBS Podcast 058

Another spectacular show filled with audio-awesomeness from all over the independent scene, including brand-new tunes from Untitled Art, Peter Senior, and I, Useless! Plus a whole army of killer cuts and past artists you know from our show including tunes from The Betters, Outrun The Arrow, Aztec, Pinto And The Bean, Sam And The Black Seas, Jeffrey Aaron And The Blurples, and The Affectionates. You KNOW you don’t wanna miss out on this! Refuse to Monday with us and pretend it’s still the weekend – or just turn this episode up and get some incredible new music in ya to start the week – either way you can’t lose! Enrich your ears – push play!


Your official show lineup includes:

Outrun The Arrow – “Weigh Down My Heart”

Peter Senior – “Cool Ride”

Sam And The Black Seas – “Within Me”

The Betters – “Sorry I’m Still Stuck”

Pinto And The Bean – “Better Off Alone”

I, Useless – “Twister”

The Affectionates – “Make Our Move”

Jeffrey Aaron And The Blurples – “I Need You”

Aztec – “Black Art And Star Charts”

Untitled Art – “The Change (Part 1)”

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