Ranzel X Kendrick – “Crazy Love”

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Crazy Love” – Single Review Alright…I think this is what I was needing from Ranzel X Kendrick…a lil’ confirmation that I wasn’t completely crazy the last time around when reviewing his single “Seguin Son Of A Gun” from his Texas Cactus album.  I dug the song…but I’ll be damned if I […]Read More

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Seguin Son Of A Gun”

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Seguin Son Of A Gun” – Single Review I think…I think I’m gonna let this single mosey on through with a pass of approval.  Ain’t gonna lie, Ranzel X Kendrick has got a bit of a bizarre little oddity here on “Seguin Son Of A Gun,” but the way he’s played […]Read More

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