Ajia Clark – Finally Ajia Pre-Release

Ajia Clark – Finally Ajia – Pre-release Singles Reviewed Quality takes time! Ajia Clark has been testing out waters pretty-warm as she’s been building-up the material for her upcoming album Finally Ajia. Each of these singles…from what I can see with the exception of the third, shiny new-one we’ve got our hands on (and only […]Read More

Shining Force – By The Blood

Shining Force – By The Blood – Pre-Release Review As I mentioned very recently…it’s always an honour to be able to check out music prior to release…I feel like such a bandit; but one that very much appreciates the loot in his mitts – or I suppose in my case, ears. Today we’re checking out […]Read More

Runaway Scotty – Rock My Heart

Runaway Scotty – Rock My Heart – Pre-release Album Review Doesn’t matter what the genre is really…as soon as I find out I’m listening to something potentially before the rest of the ears out there in the world, I slip right into that kid-in-the-candy-store mode or like I’m opening up a present on Christmas. Absolutely […]Read More