SBS Live This Week 148

Join us for some of that live music stuff we all used to know & love!  We’ve got This Day Burns rocking the stage at Olympia in Surrey, BC, from back in 2014 – and we’ll flash forward to one of the final shows from Vaultry playing a featured at the Ask A Punk show […]Read More

0208 – This Day Burns (Live @ Olympia 2014) Album

Probably the final set of shots we’ve got for this band…This Day Burns officially retired a couple years back now.  The players live on though, that’s for sure; as far as I know, Jon, Jasmine and Chris from TDB are all on to new projects…as for Skye, not entirely sure…he was in Vaultry right before […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 085

Catch a set from Fatal Instinct LIVE @ Olympia in Surrey, BC on the latest episode of the First Five Years from SBS & make sure to stick around for one of the latest videos from Mackadenice in the spotlight with his brand-new cut Eatin’!Read More

SBS Live This Week 071

Check out a full-set of hip-hop from rapper Napz Meka live out of Olympia in Surrey, BC from 2014 when we first saw him on stage during our first five years! Bonus video from Joshua & Kristina for their new single “Higher” and spotlights on new hip-hop/rap music from MC² and 1 Donnel – enjoy!Read More

SBS Live This Week 068

Check out a live set from the first five years of SBS history with Lung Flower stomping all over Olympia Pizza in good ol’ Surrey, BC, Canada in 2015. Bonus video from rock-metal band Grenouer from Russia!Read More

0180 – This Day Burns (Live @ Olympia 2014) Album

Sadly, This Day Burns is no longer with us.  Officially calling it quits after releasing their second record earlier in 2017 – they’ve parted ways and branched off into new projects.  Absolutely one of my favorites out there in independent alt-rock – I was bummed-out to learn that they were throwing in the towel…but an […]Read More

0131 – This Day Burns (Live @ Olympia 2014)

Opportunities like this are extremely awesome. We met This Day Burns for the first time in 2013 and went on to establish a solid relationship with this band full of extreme rock-warriors in the years to follow.  After an impressive debut record and an ultra-awesome video shot atop a Vancouver-city skyscraper in support of the […]Read More

0118 – Lung Flower (Live @ Olympia 2015)

While we’re hard at work on the new video for Lung Flower’s song “Beyond Burnt Out” from their latest album Effigy, figured I’d post some more pictures of their earlier days from their first performance at Olympia in Surrey, B.C.  Check out some shots from the band and be ready for their new video shot […]Read More

0115 – Lethal Halo (Live @ Olympia 2014)

Lethal Halo is a band we caught opening for Lung Flower way back in 2014…I’m so old I can barely remember it now lol.  They put on a solid set and really seemed to work the crowd well that night.  Never met’em personally – but we snapped these pics of this hard-rock’n band as they […]Read More