SBS Podcast 134

We take ya from the light into the dark and all the shades of sound in between through a diverse array of talented innovators, stellar melodies, and all-out great songs on this episode of the SBS Podcast – you know what to do y’all – tune in & turn up!  We’ll be spinning a list […]Read More

September Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

It is official!  And it only took NINE months y’all – but we found our top 20 people of all time for sure. Not artists, not bands – people!  The whole twenty on this planet that were brave enough to admit they like independent music and subscribe to our channel – they’re phenomenal right?  I […]Read More

SBS Podcast 076

Represent yo! A full-on collection of killer cuts that are determined to help you deny the end of summer & keep the party goin’ long & strong.  Bringing the heat to your speakers – you’ll find tracks from Active I, DTox, PRINS, Chames, Dominic Owen featuring The Love Theme, Dave Childz, Almost Owen, and Nouri […]Read More

SBS Podcast 069

A whole bunch of fresh energy & great songs on today’s podcast! Got audio-awesomeness comin’ atcha from the lefts & rights with tunes from Alisa Chirco, Porcelain People, RaR Featuring J. Burney, Julia McDonald, Paul De Leon, Olga Solar, Nouri, and Meghan & Caitlin! Also making stops along the way to talk about the new […]Read More

Nouri – “Favorite Goodbye”

Nouri – “Favorite Goodbye” – Single Review We’re celebrating a couple of strong representatives from the female-driven side of music here at the page today on International Women’s Day.  And talk about international!  We’ve got the sensational singer/songwriter Nouri based out of New Zealand to lead the way with a brand-new single that was just […]Read More

Nouri – “Where Do We Go From Here”

Nouri – “Where Do We Go From Here” – Single Review New Zealand!  What exactly are they putting in the water over there lately?  I want some too! It was only just a few days ago that we first got a chance to listen to the new single from PRINS and were massively impressed, and […]Read More