SBS Podcast 076

 SBS Podcast 076

Represent yo!

A full-on collection of killer cuts that are determined to help you deny the end of summer & keep the party goin’ long & strong.  Bringing the heat to your speakers – you’ll find tracks from Active I, DTox, PRINS, Chames, Dominic Owen featuring The Love Theme, Dave Childz, Almost Owen, and Nouri in the mix today – and we’ll also hit up the latest from the legendary wordsmith J Speed’s latest record, the 0Zero EP.

Don’t miss out – tune-in & turn-up y’all!


Your official show lineup includes:

Almost Owen – “We Out Here”

PRINS – “Oh Well”

Nouri – “Where Do We Go From Here?”

J Speed – “Chandelier”/”Crown”

DTox – “TheDopeNess”

Dave Childz – “Do Better”

Chames – “Pop-Pop’s Interlude”

Active I – “Rubber Rooms”

Dominic Owen – “Dope Pusha (The Love Theme Remix)”

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