March 2022 Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Music!  It’s what’s for dinner! You see folks…that’s the thing…I don’t really have to write anything that makes much sense if no one’s really paying attention. Here in the furthest corners of the internet realm from up on high on the world’s tiniest soapbox, we keep yellin’ about your music and how amazing it has […]Read More

National Impurities – “Join Me”

Check out the latest video from a band that is outworking the rest BIG TIME this year – National Impurities and their cut “Join Me.”  You can find “Join Me” also on their self-titled EP…it was actually the first impression I got to have with this band & first song I’d heard from them – […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 067

Been a while since we got a video-interview back – and now here we are, with I, Symptom all the way from Budapest, Hungary!  Absolutely awesome stuff in this interview, great answers, great editing…highly creative and tons of valuable information and insight into all-things I, Symptom.  These video-interviews have always been one of the most […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 066

This episode check out a wicked set of tunes from Vancouver grunge-rock band Fey, from the Backstage Lounge in 2014 celebrating the release of their album Bye Bipolar and ripping out the new cuts LIVE onstage for one of the first times you could’ve seen’em! Featuring a spotlight/bonus video from National Impurities too – as […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 060

A diverse lineup of tunes from artists & bands out there in the independent music-scene that are taking the right steps toward that next-level and step in their careers.  Check out some excellent new music/videos from The Mountain Says No, Athmossmusic, VennmX, Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, The Bingo Brothers, Kna-Lo Venge, Lung Flower, National […]Read More

National Impurities – “She’s Mine”

Excellent to see National Impurities riding the momentum from the release of their self-titled EP!  Check out their debut-video for their track “She’s Mine” – rad editing, cohesive & twisted storyline – just the way we like’em!  Word on the street is that they’ve already got another video in the works for their ultra-grunge cut […]Read More

National Impurities – National Impurities

National Impurities – National Impurities – EP Review For those of you out there that checked out the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you’ve already had a chance to check out one of the cuts from new three-track self-titled EP from National Impurities when we played an explosive tune called “Join Me.”  Just […]Read More

SBS Podcast 023

Dig it! On this week’s show we talk about longevity in the independent music-scene, what it takes to stick around throughout the years and what to do instead of worrying about a million hits. Featuring excellent tuneage (as always!) from a ton of amazing artists & bands on the show – check out songs by: […]Read More