Mus Matos – “Set It Off”

Mus Matos – “Set It Off” – Single Review The maestro of low-end atmosphere and gigantic-sized minimalist-beats, Mus Matos has returned with a new single that’s as hard-hitting as it is smoothed-out.  I dig the amount of contrast that these two come up with in their collaboration here.  Mus can always be relied upon for […]Read More

Mus Matos – “Audience”

Mus Matos – “Audience” – Single Review Holy Anthony Hamilton Batman!  Mus?  That you brother? This was an incredible decision from DIY mastermind and solo-artist Mus Matos – “Audience” is nothing like you’ve ever heard from him so far…and the result is so spectacular that you’ll seriously scratch your head in wondering what in the […]Read More

Mus Matos “Love What I Do”

Mus Matos “Love What I Do” – Single Review Love he does? Yep – we do. Three months ago we were introduced to the style and sound of rap-artist/producer Mus Matos with the release of his single “Yuno Who’s Up Next” hitting our pages with an enthusiastic review. Because truly – we DO love what […]Read More

Mus Matos – “YUNO Who’s Up Next”

Mus Matos – “YUNO Who’s Up Next” – Single Review This is completely awesome for many reasons…let me tell you about a few of them! Mus Matos has put out a precision-perfect single and wicked low-end beat with “YUNO Who’s Up Next.” His new cut packs BEEF, both lyrically and through the production; it’s minimalist […]Read More