Mus Matos – “Audience”

 Mus Matos – “Audience”

Mus Matos – “Audience” – Single Review

Holy Anthony Hamilton Batman!  Mus?  That you brother?

This was an incredible decision from DIY mastermind and solo-artist Mus Matos – “Audience” is nothing like you’ve ever heard from him so far…and the result is so spectacular that you’ll seriously scratch your head in wondering what in the hell has taken him so very long to put himself out on the limb this far.  I’m assuming he figured perhaps the branch would break…but I’d be damn surprised if he didn’t grow a whole new tree of life & possibilities from his new single “Audience.”

He’s always had a firm grip on atmosphere and how to really make a smooth, low-end sound become big, all-encompassing and really highlight some excellent slow-burning dynamics that have kept us captivated in the music he’s made in the past – but again, you’ve never heard him like this before.  Really allowing himself to SING and bring out the best in his voice…Mus delivers a mind-blowingly perfect performance that again, leaves you wondering – why did this take so long to come out of him?

The music Mus has put together to sing to…is fucking fantastic.  Apologies for the extra-language here on my part, but that’s just the way it is – it’s audibly fucking brilliant.  Combining a smooth selection of trumpet-notes, massive low-end bass and a minimal beat…there’s not a whole lot else to this winning-recipe other than to add Mus himself both in front of the boards and behind’em.  You add that – and you take what may have found its way to becoming ordinary, and the Mus-Midas-Touch takes it to extraordinary places through sparkling production values and a seriously amazing voice!

He’s hinted at it before in his past work…but this is the furthest into the spotlight I feel like I’ve heard Mus step into…and I don’t just like it, I love it.  I think he’s made a really smart decision here with “Audience” and I absolutely think this is an avenue that Mus HAS to continue to pursue.  The horns sound spectacular…the hits on the drumbeats are just freakin’ perfection…all that had to rise to the occasion here on “Audience” was Mus, and he’s done more than that.  Proving that branching out and testing your skills in multiple areas of music can truly pay off with sonic-benefits, “Audience” is rhythmically hypnotic and an absolute gem in the Mus Matos catalog of songs.  He’s always entertained, always managed to pull us right into his music…but this…THIS is real captivation – and it seems to come from an extremely genuine & humble place from within this exceptional solo-artist.

Mus knows smooth, inside & out…each track I’ve ever heard possesses his truly signature-style when it comes to the production-values, clarity and quality of the music – but he’s quite honestly outdone himself again here on “Audience.”  I feel like I say it every time with this guy, but this to me, is absolutely the best work and music I’ve heard come from Mus Matos to this point; he is quite obviously continually on the top of his game and making the best material he can, each and every time.  I’ve heard it said many times…and I feel this is true: ‘an artist’s current work, should always be their best work.’  I have no clue who I’m paraphrasing there to give credit to, but I fully agree with the statement.

Mus obviously does too.

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