Mus Matos “Love What I Do”

 Mus Matos “Love What I Do”

Mus Matos “Love What I Do” – Single Review

Love he does? Yep – we do.

Three months ago we were introduced to the style and sound of rap-artist/producer Mus Matos with the release of his single “Yuno Who’s Up Next” hitting our pages with an enthusiastic review. Because truly – we DO love what this guy does…and proving it musically that he loves it just as much or more than we do – his new single “Love What I Do” retains the swagger & style of this Philly-based emcee but brings-out an extra-large set of cahones & puts’em right on the table early-on with fully-extended confidence.

I mean…this guy can stay home on Grammy night…he’s got nothing to prove!

He might not need the awards…but he might just pick up some hardware along the way whether he’s there to accept it in person & give an auto-tuned speech or not! Hell…if he’s got room in his cabinet right now, I might just hand him out an award when we talk about this exciting voice in rap-music even further on our upcoming 3rd birthday celebration episode on SBS Live This Week on Nov. 17th – mark that down! But I’ve got lots more to say than I can fit into a review and it’ll be good to get my thoughts out on this innovative brand, mogul, emcee, producer, rapper, writer…you get the idea…the list goes on & on, so it’ll be much easier on us all if I talk-out some of these details on the upcoming show – be there…especially if you’re a fan of hip-hop/rap…you’ll love what we’ve got in store for ya.

But I assure you…you’ll hear it when you listen to the vibe that Mus Matos puts out, you’ll get why I want to go into talking about this versatile artist even further. With its low-end pulse bass-ing up the place, “Love What I Do” thumps and pounds slyly with a menacing-groove that stays in-check and delivers pound-after-pound. Get those subs ready – Mus Matos ain’t fuckin’ around when it comes to the deadly-seriousness of the low-end on his beats…but MAN does the guy get himself an incredible mix! What I really loved about “Love What I Do” was just how ridiculously SMOOTH this whole cut comes out when it is so BIG at the same damn time! How you doin that Mus? For real!

The guy may as well add an extra M at the end of his name and just make it read Mus Matos Maximum – the guy gets the absolute most out of every tone and note that thumps by and delivers completely solid-rap time and again on each set of bars. The guy makes champion-style use of the auto-tuner and the overall flow is right on-beat, twisting & turning masterfully – MMM (that’s RIGHT!) makes the microphone bend to his every will and really puts a hypnotic-rhythm into his flow that is every bit as much a part of the music as the big-bass/subtle-percussion combo that drives the song.

Definitely another masterful turn on the microphone from Mus…the guy spits flawlessly and with intense rhythm & expression in his voice that perfectly match the energy throughout his menacing music on “Love What I Do.” I fail to see what more you could ask for in a track…it’s truly rare that I can just let a single song sit on endless repeat and listen to it ten or twenty times in a row. For one thing – all the amazing talent out there in the independent music-scene simply doesn’t allow me the time to do so…and the other obvious reason being that most tracks can’t hold up to that kind of repetition & scrutiny combined.

Mus Matos can. He makes music with real-style defined; there are very few out there that make it all come together through production, performance and writing as well as this guy can. Multi-talented and making music that has massive presence and makes itself KNOWN – fellas beware; the song alone could take your woman from ya…imagine if they met the man himself!

Watch the throne homies…watch the throne…

Find out more about Mus Matos at: FacebookTwitterInstagramSoundcloudYouTubeiTunes and be sure to check back here on Nov. 17th when we dig into the music of Mus Matos on SBS Live This Week’s 3rd birthday celebration – stoked!

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