Moon And Aries – Break The Matrix (Episode Two)

Moon And Aries – Break The Matrix (Episode Two) – EP Review “Mind the mess as I press the buttons, one for creation, one for destruction…” I love that line from the opening track on the new record by Moon And Aries, who returned with their promised second EP of their Break The Matrix trilogy […]Read More

Moon And Aries – BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One)

Moon And Aries – BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One) – EP Review I know I’ve said this a few times lately, but it’s amazing how little time has actually passed, yet how it feels like an entire lifetime has gone by this year.  Like – I remember the name & music of Moon And Aries…but […]Read More

SBS Podcast 148

New music!  You want it, we got it – so come get some! We’ll be spinning music from A Love Like Pi, Acharya, Undocument, Tim Freitag, Slow Coda, and I, Useless, in addition to spending some time to talk about the latest happening with Moon And Aries, Yvette Lopez, and DanK Fancy through special features […]Read More

Moon And Aries – “The Arrival”

Moon And Aries – “The Arrival” – Music Video Post In my humble opinion, being a dude that’s written about & listened to every form of music under the sun, moon, and stars over the past who-knows-how-long, Trip-Hop remains by & large the most engaging & fascinating style of music there is to be had […]Read More