SBS Live This Week – 013

All music episode! Aztec! Man Made Lake! Omar Bowing! Aeterna! Better Daze! Tim Korry! Charming Timur! Blackout Lights! Spotlights on the music of A New Way To Live Forever and Gentry Fox! Check it out music-fans!Read More

EDMTV Event @ SBS 2014

SO MANY THINGS! Like tons of you out there – I feel that weight and pressure to make it all happen. The physical aspect of the music studio was certainly one I had been expecting to see pick up a lot more over these past two years, but also to be considered in this equation […]Read More

Man Made Lake – Bodhicitta: The Shepherd

Man Made Lake – Bodhicitta: The Shepherd – Album Review “I’ve been here…I’ve been here too long,” echoes singer Colin Craveiro of Man Made Lake on the opening track “Lemon Cake;” and though it’s somewhat unrelated I suppose…I’ve been here too long myself, enjoying this new album from MML without sharing it with you! For what […]Read More

SBS Live This Week Original Series 051

Find pictures of Man Made Lake at sleepingbagstudios from the links below! Album #0022: Album #0036: Album #0124: Album #0143: Album #0151: Album #0160: Album #0177: More