June Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Well look at that will ya?  Nearly twenty whole subscribers!  In just six short months! Who said it could be done, right? Did we feature your music at the SBS Secret Stash Of Stellar Singles in June?  You don’t even know, do you? We have endless faith in this project & know it won’t stay […]Read More

SBS Podcast 023

Dig it! On this week’s show we talk about longevity in the independent music-scene, what it takes to stick around throughout the years and what to do instead of worrying about a million hits. Featuring excellent tuneage (as always!) from a ton of amazing artists & bands on the show – check out songs by: […]Read More

Lovers Of Fiction – Long Overdue

Lovers Of Fiction – Long Overdue – Album Review Class in session! If you’ve been following along with anything/everything we do lately, the name Lovers Of Fiction will certainly be familiar to you. I’ve been a big supporter & fan since hearing the supreme amount of effort this band put in on their pre-released singles […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 017

Excellent new podcast episode with an interview between Ryan @ SBS and singer/song-writer Trev Conkey! Also featuring music by Lovers Of Fiction and Jehry Robinson – check it out! To become the next guest on the SBS Podcast, take an audio interview with us by clicking here! To have your music featured on the show, […]Read More

Lovers Of Fiction – “So Simple” / “Another Song”

Lovers Of Fiction – “So Simple” / “Another Song” – Singles Review Hmmmm. Are people going to get this? I like to think so. Honestly…I mean, if you’re looking at it from a musician’s perspective, I’d think that even J.K. Simmons would find this to be the exact tempo he was constantly searching for. As […]Read More