King Cotz – “Together Forever” / “TROUBLE”

King Cotz – “Together Forever” / “TROUBLE” – Singles Review With about three years or more of listening to the King’s music under my belt at this point in time, having reviewed his cuts all the way back to 2017, and twice in 2019 in the thick of his resurgence – he knows I’m always […]Read More

King Cotz – Soundcloud Singles

King Cotz – Soundcloud Singles – Singles Review Last we checked in on this homie, he put the work in between the time we first heard King Cotz back in 2017 and his return in mid-2019 revealed the evolution the man on the m-i-c had gone through as an artist, by raising the stakes and […]Read More

King Cotz – Spotify Singles

King Cotz – Singles Review This is more than encouraging. It’s been more than two years since we last had rapper King Cotz on our pages…what you can only ever hope for in an absence of that size, is that you hear an artist or band come back stronger, more refined, or evolved to that […]Read More

King Cotz – Singles

King Cotz – Singles Review You know…the thing about Trap music is that there sure can be a gigantic amount of words involved…sometimes I have to scratch my head & wonder where these emcees even find the time to take a breath!  King Cotz out of Richmond, VA, definitely gets lost in the moment and […]Read More