KILJIN – “Point Of No Change”

“We do not need to know the Future, for we have seen the Present and the sight is more than we can bear.” If you were following our pages towards the end of last year, KILJIN is definitely a name you’re familiar with by now – we’ve featured several of their cuts from their debut […]Read More

KILJIN – “Path Of The Warlock”

I’ve been tellin’ ya loud & proud since around the end of October when we were first introduced to the badass music of KILJIN through their single “I’m Still Alive” that this mischievous band of heavy hitters is just as much about creating genuine fun as they are here to rock the fuck out – […]Read More

KILJIN – “My Reflection”

We were introduced to the killer sounds of KILJIN through the video for “I’m Still Alive” posted up here at our pages at the end of last month – and now we’ve got more from these minstrels of Metal & mayhem for you to dig on here in November with another savage cut sliced from […]Read More

KILJIN – “I’m Still Alive”

Let it be said, when I go, I’ve specifically asked to be cremated, have my ashes loaded into the hollow barrel of the body of an acoustic guitar, and then have it smashed to pieces in one final puff of soul-smoke & glory to finish my story.  But KILJIN has got me re-thinking all this.  […]Read More