JRS3 – “Planet Suicide”

JRS3 is here to dominate the globe with this single before the whole planet implodes! Massively impressed by the latest jam from JRS3 – this dude is absolutely slayin’ it on “Planet Suicide” – this cut has that serious spark your ears are looking for and a blazing hot performance from the main man on […]Read More

JRS3 – “Run”

JRS3 – “Run” – Single Review Well right on…it’s always easier to write these things when everything is on-point.  It was back in April of last year that I heard JRS3 while reviewing a couple singles that had been dropped online…and full disclosure, I didn’t quite ‘get it’ back then.  If my memory serves correct, […]Read More

JRS3 – “3 Cars 3 Bitches”/”Thank You”

JRS3 – “3 Cars 3 Bitches”/”Thank You” – Singles Review JRS3…consider me officially confused!  Still trying to figure out where you’re at and what you’re all about…never underestimate that aspect, there’s value in that too…but it’s always strange to read social-media and see intentions and ambitions align themselves in a weird way.  Like…as a first-time […]Read More