Josh Christina – “Weekend Night In America”

Josh Christina – “Weekend Night In America” – Single Review Another highlight example of how warped time really is over here on this side of the screen – to me, it was just yesterday when I was listening to Josh Christina’s single called “Friend Zone” and I can still hear the main hooks repeating in […]Read More

Josh Christina – “Let’s Get Woke”

Josh Christina – “Let’s Get Woke” – Single Review I honestly keep on marveling about just how far out of left-field Josh Christina comes at ya.  Ain’t gonna lie to you, from the very first time I saw a picture of the guy & heard the voice, I was confused at how they matched…Josh seems […]Read More

SBS Podcast 053

Back with more tracks to heat up your summer – you knew we couldn’t stay away for long! Join us on another sonic adventure with music from Abandon Paris, One Girl Symphony, Sun.Set.Ships, EMPRA, School Friends, The Yellow Dress, Josh Christina, Aminita Satori – and a spotlight on the music of Armonite with a double-shot […]Read More

Josh Christina – “Friend Zone”

Josh Christina – “Friend Zone” – Single Review 100% dig this! Man…I can’t remember if/when I’ve ever written a review where I’ve had the opportunity to compare someone to the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis – but this makes the grade & matches that wildness for sure.  The Killer turns 83 this year…though I’d suspect he’d […]Read More