Josh Christina – “Let’s Get Woke”

 Josh Christina – “Let’s Get Woke”

Josh Christina – “Let’s Get Woke” – Single Review

I honestly keep on marveling about just how far out of left-field Josh Christina comes at ya.  Ain’t gonna lie to you, from the very first time I saw a picture of the guy & heard the voice, I was confused at how they matched…Josh seems like he looks like such a carefree, happy-go-lucky kind of spirit – and maybe he is – all I’m saying is that the incredible amount of Rock’n’Roll soul you’ll hear in his vocals…well…you’d think he was born in the 30’s and ready to hit the big-time in the 50’s.

So you get what I mean I’m sure – it’s quite unlike just about everything else you’ll hear out there today right now…save for the exception of one really, really, key factor that’s gonna work in Josh’s favor for sure with the timing on the release of this new single of his…but we’ll get to that in a minute or two…

I’ll say this – the last time I heard Josh Christina was through the single “Friend Zone,” another seeming blast from the past, built for the present, combination of sound that had him making the old new again.  Was definitely one of those songs where I didn’t just like it, I loved it – I still do in fact, and it’s nearly a full year later since it first came our way.  And just like you want in a great single – I’ve remembered Josh over time…it might have only been a year, yes – but when you consider the mountain of songs I listen to here at SBS each & every year, it still takes some pretty bold moves & music to make a lasting impact.  I’ve heard others jump into Rockabilly before…but they just don’t make music like this guy does anymore…err…I mean, that is…right now.  You get the idea I’m sure – he’s old-school for sure when it comes to his influences, sound, and style – but created with such impressive passion that like…c’mon people – how could you not get into the sheer sonic fun that a single like “Let’s Get Woke” provides?

Whereas the last time around, “Friend Zone” put him further back into the dawn of the golden-age of Rock/Piano combos with artists like Jerry Lee Lewis making waves in the music scene, “Let’s Get Woke” brings him up a couple decades or two…probably looking at a more 70’s/80’s vibe this time around…a sound & style much more specifically attributed to one fantastic artist…none other than Sir Elton John.  What was I saying about timing earlier?  Rocketman anyone?  For real – Josh has been out there doing what he does for a while now & doing it all extremely well – but the idea of coming out with an Elton-esque kind of tune, when essentially no one else is making them right now…and then this massive biopic comes out at the same time?  That’s way better than coincidence; it’s probably luck, but perfect timing.  Tiny little things like this can be a huge factor when people out there are looking for more of the music they crave by the artists they love…it’s the kind of thing that could lead people right to Josh Christina.  Think of it this way (and I’d assume that Josh likely feels somewhat like this himself, hence the music he now makes) – if you were listening to Elton John…and you REALLY wanted something close to it – what would honestly be your next go-to?  What on this planet is even remotely that similar?

I think if we’re all being honest the answer was probably just more Elton John…maybe put on a different record, but the answer to who is most like Elton John, has always been Elton John – and no one else.  Perhaps until now.  Maybe this is where we see an artist emerge that can add to that list somehow.

Christina will still flash elements of other legends like Lewis and Elvis in the way he plays & sings a lot of this song…I think that’s always going to be an inherent part of his style & I’m sure he embraces that full-on with no problem – I know for a fact that we do as listeners, because the dude truly sounds great at everything he does.  His piano-playing is nothing short of phenomenal & super exciting to listen to – and his vocals always seem to have just the right amount of spark, energy, & tone to suit the music perfectly.   I highly suspect there’s not going to ever be a moment where we don’t hear this guy’s enthusiasm turned right up to eleven like you’ll hear it on “Let’s Get Woke” – the personality & passion radiate from the music to the microphone with everything this guys does – not even kidding.  He’s a breath of fresh air in the present the industry needs that reminds of us of yesterday in all the right ways – and he’s sounding just as incredible as ever on his new single.  Josh Christina goes beyond the kind of artist you truly love to listen to – he’s a musician he can truly respect; the immeasurable amount of heart & skill this guy applies to his tunes with such immaculate focus & precision makes him one of the most undeniable assets of the music-scene today, and a dude you can bank on to get your speakers rockin.’

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