Thank U Ottawa.

For anyone out there that follows these pages of ours, it’s that annual time of the year where I feel the need to express my thanks – so truly y’all, thank you for your support over these past ten years.  Specifically, these past six have been incredible – SBS started out as a project where […]Read More

Mimi Novic Interviews Jer @ SBS!

Words cannot express my gratitude to Mimi Novic for being such an incredible host, asking such amazing questions, and making a dude feel so remarkably welcome that I ended up talking with her for an extraordinary two & a half hours!  And that, dear readers, dear listeners, dear friends…was just the recorded portion – believe […]Read More

Make A Scene Canada Interviews Jer @ SBS!

Make A Scene Canada has questions – Jer @ SBS has answers!  Or at least some of’em. Cherelle Jardine, host of the show, wanted to know the backstory, the details, the nitty-gritty of what sleepingbagstudios is all about and I was more than happy to fill her in on what’s up!  We talk about all […]Read More

Vacation Time!

Time to recharge the ol’ batteries!  I’ll be on vacation from the 14th-28th, escaping the winter cold of Canada down in sunny Mexico for a couple weeks – in the meantime, you’ve got this!  Just because I ain’t around doesn’t mean there’s not a TON of new music happenin’ out there – you know what […]Read More

0200 – Jer @ SBS Album VI

Recovering from the local craft beer festival this year here last night in Ottawa, and taking a Sunday off to celebrate my wife’s birthday – so here’s some shots of my mug throughout the sleepingbagstudios journey to keep you company whilst I’m away for twenty-four hours or so.  Probably less…y’all know me…Read More

Gone Fishin’!

Hello to you all! …and goodbye…for the first real stretch of time in about five years!  Time to head back home to the west-side of Canada and watch the brother-in-law get married.  Congrats Ben & Jen! I’ll be back and resuming regular postings around the end of this month…until then, some much needed vacation! Enjoy […]Read More

0183 – SBS Metal Panel Album II

Some of the raddest times I had the privilege of experiencing in the independent music-scene of Vancouver was putting together ‘panel’ style episodes where we’d pull in local heroes of certain genres to bullshit about the music that made them who they are today and what defines the style.  That being said – they are, […]Read More

A Resolution To Steel My Resolve

A Resolution To Steel My Resolve I’ll fully admit to writing the title of this article and then looking up the exact meaning to make sure it was getting across what I really wanted to say here today.  Turns out it was definitely what I was looking for…I wanted something that sounded like something I’d […]Read More