Make A Scene Canada Interviews Jer @ SBS!

 Make A Scene Canada Interviews Jer @ SBS!

Make A Scene Canada has questions – Jer @ SBS has answers!  Or at least some of’em.

Cherelle Jardine, host of the show, wanted to know the backstory, the details, the nitty-gritty of what sleepingbagstudios is all about and I was more than happy to fill her in on what’s up!  We talk about all kinds of great stuff from the state of the scene, what it takes to get your music out there into the world, the leveling of the playing field where mainstream & independent artists/bands compete for your ear-time, the importance (or not) of videos and what those sweet-sweet statistics really tell the people listening & viewing your tunes – and…you’ll find out about a couple bands that have always been an inspiration to me, but better yet – why, and how that plays a role in everything I do today at SBS.  Plus there are other fun tidbits like the first band that came to my mind when Cherelle asked me to think of one (you’ll have to listen to find out who it is, but if you’re not listening to the band I’m talking about, you really, really should be), she’ll spin a song from my solo record as The Cellophane Heart called “Your Art Will Kill You,” and of course, we’ll talk about all-things-SBS.  Honored to be a part of the show and many thanks to Make A Scene Canada, Pacific Northwest Radio, and Cherelle for her time and everything they do for the independent music-scene – they’re all allies, trusted resources, and a great sources of new tunes…make sure to hit up their pages below to find out more about’em all, and thanks for listening – enjoy!

Check out the interview with Jer @ SBS with Cherelle Jardine from Make A Scene Canada at the link below!

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