0212 – HEAD (Live @ Studio 2016)

We caught back-to-back shows from Alt/Rock band HEAD before we left Vancouver to come out east to Ottawa – and both shows at Studio!  Always a wicked place to catch a band, no matter what the venue ends up being called year after year as time goes by.  HEAD never disappoints when it comes to […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 109

The first of two back-to-back appearances from HEAD live at Studio in Vancouver that took place at the end of 2015 & beginning of 2016 before we made the massive trek to relocate across Canada – come check out the latest set out of the vault on our First Five Years series on SBS Live […]Read More

HEAD – Dear Father

HEAD – Dear Father – Album Review Back with their second full-length record, the enigmatic alt/art-rock band HEAD has released a new badass set of tunes on Dear Father, which would technically be the follow-up/conclusion to the story they began telling on their last album, Afraid To Sleep.  Detailing the struggles, emotions, insanity, and heartbreak […]Read More

0182 – HEAD Music Video Shoot Album VI

Wild times, wild times.  Multiple scenes and different shots required in a video = lots of cool goodies when it comes to the still shots!  Check out some additional new & unreleased photos from our time with dark-rock band HEAD shooting the video for their single “Sex Like Rock Stars” in 2016!Read More

0171 – HEAD Music Video Shoot Album V

The continued photo-adventures of our time shooting the video for Vancouver electro-rock band HEAD to create the video for their single “Sex Like Rock Stars” in 2016 – check out some more shots of the band from behind the scenes and in front of them too – all taken at Sanctuary studios on location!Read More

0159 – HEAD Music Video Shoot Album IV

By now you’ve read most of the legend & the tale behind my time directing the video for HEAD’s single “Sex Like Rock Stars” from their second record Afraid To Sleep…so what else can I tell ya?  The people were completely awesome…and really, beyond taking massive group photos at one point in my life, this […]Read More

0148 – HEAD Music Video Shoot Album III

More of our mayhem and fun with dark-electro/rock band HEAD from Vancouver, filming their video for the song “Sex Like Rock Stars” from their album Afraid To Sleep at Sanctuary Studios downtown.  Such a cool place to get footage and set-up in…it’s all decked-out in old horror-movie themes and creepy stuff left & right.  No […]Read More

0142 – HEAD Music Video Shoot Album II

As dark-electro band HEAD continued to push themselves to the next-level of their career and even further into Vancouver’s music-scene, I had the privilege of being able to shoot their video for the song “Sex Like Rock Stars” from their latest record Afraid To Sleep.  Full of extras, mayhem & good times – check out […]Read More

0134 – HEAD (Music Video Shoot)

Check out some photos from the music-video we shot for HEAD’s single “Sex Like Rockstars” from their album Afraid To Sleep.  Shot at Sanctuary in Vancouver – very cool place with unbelievable atmosphere full of mischief & mayhem.  Shot in 2015 on multiple cameras with multiple people volunteering as extras – we had a wicked […]Read More

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