Love Is A Chorus – Then I Met You

Love Is A Chorus – Then I Met You – EP Review Now don’t get me wrong…I know the heart of this project known as Love Is A Chorus resides in singer/songwriter Jonathan – I’m just sayin’ I absolutely love the way this record begins with a subtly dramatic instrumental, “Intro (Then I Met You).”  […]Read More

K-ORA – Coaxial Constructs

K-ORA – Coaxial Constructs – EP Review Perhaps there are some of you out there that remember this bizarre oddity from our music-scene – it was only back at the end of April this year that we first ran into K-ORA and reviewed the single “Sphere 2020” here on our pages…that ain’t too long ago, […]Read More

Giant Silent World – Giant

Giant Silent World – Giant – EP Review Music from a source we know we can trust?  How the heck did ya end up here? Giant Silent World is comprised of two dudes…you’ve got Christopher Smith on the mic, and a previous nominee for our Best New Sound of the year in Pete Gustard makin’ […]Read More

Daw-ling – Love And Dancing

Daw-ling – Love And Dancing – EP Review “The band formed in 2020 and obviously, everything that started in 2020 is a Sexy Laugh Riot.”  #Apt THIS is the way to get an EP started on ALL the right notes – “Love And Dancing” is as enticing as a gateway tune can be, and just […]Read More

Polyphonic Exophilia – Be Fine

Polyphonic Exophilia – Be Fine – EP Review “…probably our most ambitious release so far.” There are a couple things I really liked about reading that statement from Polyphonic Exophilia.  First & foremost, it’s clear they did what they could on their end to push themselves creatively…you can infer that from the quote, and you […]Read More

David Mieth – 2 Song E.P.

David Mieth – 2 Song E.P. – EP Review Emotionally, mentally, or musically…no one can escape the Blues.  #Sigh  #TrustMeIveTried Case in-point – I’ll be heading to BluesFest today right here in Ottawa, the Canadian capitol…and the lineup is anything BUT the Blues really (as in, I’ll be seeing Sarah McLachlan tonight and I bought […]Read More

Kid On The Roof – The Travel Guide

Kid On The Roof – The Travel Guide – EP Review Ayyyyyy…there we go…anyone out there that references The Album Leaf as an influence on their music or LIFE, is certainly someone I’d readily consider to be an ally in this industry for sure.  There are other highly respectable names within the list featured in […]Read More

Between Two Horse Pikes – Cupcakes & Taffy

Between Two Horse Pikes – Cupcakes & Taffy – EP Review Well here’s something I can certainly get behind music-wise…and that is…hmm…quite the band name, ain’t it?  I will fully admit, the songs & the sound make a whole lot of sense to me…as for the name of this band, I don’t even have a […]Read More

Grass Wolf – Moonshine

Grass Wolf – Moonshine – EP Review If you tuned into the last episode of the SBS Podcast, you heard a double-shot sample of the brand-new EP called Moonshine by Grass Wolf through a couple of covers we played from the five song set they’ve just put out.  I mentioned on the show how quite […]Read More

Sweet Lily Love – FRESH!

Sweet Lily Love – FRESH! – EP Review As many of you fantastic music-makers know firsthand, there’s a thrilling abundance of creative freedom that comes along with the label of ‘experimental’ – and more or less, you get to dictate your own rules.  Which is awesome when it comes right down to it…and though this […]Read More