Glenn Murawski – 7-Days Of VGM Challenge: Cyberpunk

Glenn Murawski – 7-Days Of VGM Challenge: Cyberpunk – EP Review Here are some bets that you can make in this life, and the odds for you…so that you can make the best wagers you can.  Odds of winning the lottery?  Approximately one in fourteen-million, according to Google.  How about the odds of getting struck […]Read More

Reset Code – Here Below

Reset Code – Here Below – EP Review It’s gotta feel good to be in Reset Code right about now. And it’ll feel even better tomorrow, when they officially release their highly-anticipated debut record. From what I’ve read & found online, the roots of Reset Code trace all the way back to 2015.  Based out […]Read More

Trevor James – Breakthrough

Trevor James – Breakthrough – EP Review I’ll say this with complete conviction – Trevor James is about to go 4/4 here in the lineup of songs he’s got on his debut EP Breakthrough from 2020. Hold on a second now…I haven’t told ya whether or not that’s a GOOD thing or a BAD thing […]Read More

Pascal Bokar – American Trails

Pascal Bokar – American Trails – EP Review Far be it from a guy like me to tell the good doctor here that I’d know any better than he does about what to prescribe your ears out there! The question is…is Dr. Bokar here in for an uphill battle in getting his music out there […]Read More

Divided By Infinity – Lockdown EP

I’ll tell ya this much…if you’ve got the band This Will Destroy You in your list of influences & inspirations, believe me when I say, you’ll always be getting my attention.  Divided By Infinity has’em posted up in reference to their sound on their Twitter page, along with a couple new names I didn’t know […]Read More

The Shikes – Aggression

The Shikes – Aggression – EP Review Dave Wirth, my man, you have certainly kept us all guessing as to what the heck it is you’re gonna do next over the years, and every time we run into your music again, you’ve completely gone & thrown yourself into a whole new dimension of your art, […]Read More

Chrissie Romano Band – Somewhere Along The Way

Chrissie Romano Band – Somewhere Along The Way – EP Review How’s that for an answer to your question? Folks be scrolling prior to New Years in 2021 would have been wondering where it was that the Chrissie Romano Band went for a moment or two there…then on January 1st they got their answer with […]Read More

Marvel Mike – May The 4th Be With You

Marvel Mike – May The 4th Be With You – EP Review OK!  I feel like I can get behind this 100%…maybe even 200%…is that a thing? Marvel Mike understands real Hip-Hop right from the roots of where it started to what it is now – when you hear a genuine student of the craft, […]Read More

Hooyoosay – Had A Darker Day

Hooyoosay – Had A Darker Day – EP Review Well if this title doesn’t say it all about the last year we had, I don’t know what would!  The same musical project that once brought us some of the sunniest-side up vibes we’ve experienced thus far in our adventures with the charmingly sweet & playful […]Read More

Torin Muccino – Adeline

Torin Muccino – Adeline – EP Review Man. I kinda wish every EP, like, on EARTH started out as enticing as this one does.  I get chills every time it begins…it’s audibly supernatural the way that “Intro/Another Day” opens up the adventure into this highly anticipated record from Torin Muccino.  He teased pieces of this […]Read More

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