SBS Live This Week 146

The Vancouver-based grunge band Overdose was only ever around for a short period of time, but we had a chance to check’em out a bunch before they officially broke up.  We met’em in 2012 for an interview on SBS Live This Week, saw them play their first of-age club show in Vancouver in early 2013, […]Read More

Beauty For Ashes – Demos

Beauty For Ashes – Demos – Singles Review I’ll give you three powerfully strong reasons to look forward to the music of Beauty For Ashes this year – specifically, by name, “Heart Doesn’t Beat,” “Release Me,” and “Burn You Away,” aka the demo songs I’ve got from the band raging through my speakers this week.  […]Read More

Spared Chiller – “Demo With Vocal”

A track so fresh it doesn’t even have a name yet!  Take a lesson from electro-project Spared Chiller – don’t let a title stop you from putting out that new cut!  That’s more than fine with us – Spared Chiller impressed us with the debut single “That New York Timelapse” before, and certainly does once […]Read More

0135 – Overdose (Demo Sessions 2013)

Sadly…the bad news of this story was that this band never made it out of these demo-sessions…but before they broke up officially in 2013, Overdose rocked the SBS jamspace with their grunged-up music as they started their way into their music career.  Absolutely awesome time with Dakota, Tyler and Alex…and it was truly too bad […]Read More

Toner – “Falling Short” (Demo)

Toner – “Falling Short” (Demo) – Single Review Right on!  Been a while since I’ve heard a demo-tune…I know that’s not always the most exciting thing for other people out there, but for me personally, I love it.  Demo songs allow you to hear the real essence of the idea without all the added bells […]Read More

Dimensions Of The Mind – Ancient Times

Dimensions Of The Mind – Ancient Times – Demo Album Review Into the subjective world of art & music, here we come! Dimensions Of The Mind, helmed by creative writer & poet Keefier Phillips is a somewhat experimental project; part spoken-word, part untamed-music and all with a conscious effort to create art-pieces within these tracks […]Read More