Damien Q – Seasons

Damien Q – Seasons – EP Review I’ll start this review off with a comment that I know Damien Q will appreciate more than anyone else – I pushed play on his brand-new Seasons EP, started opening up web pages and my blank canvas to write on like I normally would…and within mere seconds, he […]Read More

Granular Injections – “Closer” Feat. Damien Q & David Downing

Granular Injections – “Closer” Feat. Damien Q & David Downing – Single Review This whole collaborative crew has been pushin’ real hard over these past couple years eh?  It’s been awesome to witness…truly…every time Granular Injections, Damien Q, and David Downing show up, they have proven in a variety of ways that they’ve always got […]Read More

Damien Q – “Only In The Sky”

Damien Q – “Only In The Sky” – Single Review Who’s this Damien Thompson guy anyway? Perhaps you know him under a different name, like we do – the one & only Damien Q that’s we’ve been featuring here at our pages over the past couple years – same dude as the guy you’ll see […]Read More

Damien Q – “Human To Human (Stuart Epps Remix)”

I can only imagine when artist Damien Q got word that legendary producer Stuart Epps was interested in lending a hand on a remix of his single “Human To Human” that he must have been absolutely ecstatic.  For real…think about it…it’s one thing to be able to collaborate with such incredible talent in the modern […]Read More

Damien Q & Granular Injections – “H.O.T.” feat. David Downing

Damien Q & Granular Injections – “H.O.T.” feat. David Downing – Single Review Expanding your circle as an artist can be a great thing…sometimes it can be downright “H.O.T.” folks. I’m about to go & tell ya that this is probably my favorite cut from Damien Q & his surrounding crew again…but there’s almost unique […]Read More

Damien Q – “Black Unicorns”

Damien Q – “Black Unicorns” – Single Review Since finally cracking the code of artist Damien Q and his enigmatic signature approach to music that continually keeps us guessing as he pursues new artistic dimensions in sound, I feel like I have a much better grip on the intentions of the man behind it all […]Read More

SBS Podcast 095

Come get some! We’ve got a special show for ya today on the ol’ SBS Podcast!  Artist Damien Q takes on the audio interview for our Covid Relief Project, we’ve got an exclusive live tune from the man to go with his all-inclusive attitude, tunes from Acharya, Little Ghost, Salmon Friends, Annie DiRusso, Matthew Morgan, […]Read More

Damien Q – “Human To Human”

Damien Q – “Human To Human” – Single Review I’m not 100% sure if anyone out there is taking an official vote on this right now, but just in case, I’d like to put forth my nomination for Damien Q being one of the most fearless artists out there in the scene today.  For real…this […]Read More

Damien Q & Granular Injections – “Aftermath”

Damien Q & Granular Injections – “Aftermath” – Single Review With all due respect, I say humbly…I think I’m starting to catch onto this. Let’s be real here though…my experience with the music of Damien Q is about three singles long right now – which includes this new cut “Aftermath” – even now, it’s still […]Read More