SBS Podcast 125

Whether you’re up late-night like we are, or it’s the first thing in your morning – there’s no better time than right now to get some of that good-good independent music in ya!  Join us on this week’s episode of the SBS Podcast and hear about the latest happening in the music of Christina Wells, […]Read More

Christopher Dallman – “Essence”

Do not underestimate this man. Christopher Dallman knows who he is, and he knows his strengths as an artist all trace directly to the roots of his genuine passion for music…and between these two aspects, he generates pure results.  I could hear something special in this guy from the moment I had my first experience […]Read More

Christopher Dallman – “I’ll Back You Up”

Christopher Dallman – “I’ll Back You Up” – Music Video Release/Review By the time I had the chance to see this song played live myself personally, I was already about seventeen – and I had been falling in love all over again throughout my high-school years spent listening to Dave Matthews Band.  At that point […]Read More

Christopher Dallman – “Digital Blue (Calibeats Remix)”

Y’all know me…I can tend to overcomplicate anything I’m workin’ on with just a lil’ bit of research.  I could keep things simple…I could concentrate on the one task at hand, which is ultimately wrestling this here shiny new video from artist Christopher Dallman onto our pages for you to enjoy today…but that just seems […]Read More