Christone – “Where The Streets Have No Name”

Christone – “Where The Streets Have No Name” – Single Review This is no easy mountain to climb…Christone has certainly put himself out there on “Where The Streets Have No Name” by tackling what is arguably one of the biggest and most recognizable songs of the past three decades as he takes on an official […]Read More

Christone – “Let Her Go”

Christone – “Let Her Go” – Single Review Let’s face it…even a guy like myself that never leaves the music-studio and is basically in a cave when it comes to much of the mainstream these days…you can’t escape a single that was as big as Passenger’s “Let Her Go.” Covers are often a thing we […]Read More

Christone – “It’s Up To You”

Christone – “It’s Up To You” – Single Release Interesting tune from Christone…I don’t know that I’ve ever heard quite such a mix of eighties anthem-rock ideals meeting modern-day Mraz/Mayer sounds combined like this before. On my first pass through listening to the single, I almost couldn’t quite get my head around the entire enormity […]Read More