Chords Of Truth – Shadows Sessions

Chords Of Truth – Shadows Sessions – Album Review Fun fact – Chords Of Truth was actually the second band I ever reviewed here on these pages of ours, way back in 2013 when sleepingbagstudios expanded beyond the physical studio into the online world, long before I packed up the studio, physically, and which now […]Read More

Chords Of Truth – “The Mirage”

Chords Of Truth – “The Mirage” – Single Review “The Mirage” you say, Jason Garriotte. You know I’ve often wondered throughout the years what this man might be searching for. If you’re familiar with our pages, you likely know the name Chords Of Truth by this point.  We’ve reviewed this vehicle for Jason’s songwriting, music, […]Read More

Chords Of Truth – “Pattern”

Chords Of Truth – “Pattern” – Single Review Way back in 2013 when I first reviewed Chords Of Truth on the double-disc set called Reflections Of Reality, I’ll admit I was still finding my own voice as a reviewer at the time.  Though I enjoyed most if not all of that experience, there were still […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 054

Part III of our interview with mind-behind-the-music of the EverydayMusicTV channel, Mr. Rod Matheson. Featuring music from Charming Timur, comedy from MindStretchLand with Jason & Jef and videos from the EDMTV archives with Hannah Epperson and Tom Wilson – check it out!Read More

Chords Of Truth – “Freedom”

Chords Of Truth – “Freedom” – Single Review Having reviewed much of the music of Jason Garriotte in his project Chords Of Truth, it’s been great to hear different samples of what the man has been capable of in addition to listening to him grow and evolve his music-career as time marches on.  He’s definitely […]Read More

Chords Of Truth – “Wonder”

Chords Of Truth – “Wonder” – Single Review Sweet intentions, melody, harmonies and ambitions flare in the new single “Wonder” by Chords Of Truth.  A beautifully-mixed light-folk/acoustic tune – it’s been a very long time since we last heard from Jason Garriotte, the main musician driving the entire project…but it’s comforting to know that this […]Read More

Chords Of Truth – Reflections Of Reality

Chords Of Truth – Reflections Of Reality – Album Review I’m a big believer in writing “unforced” reviews – one’s that come in the moment and not from forcing the work, but rather from wanting it. As many of you have come to know through our last album review with the band We Steal Flyers – […]Read More