SEXSOMNIA – “Catharsis”

SEXSOMNIA – “Catharsis” – Single Review This can be an extremely tough business when it comes to truly knowing what to draw attention to & what to let slide…we’re gonna get into that a bit here when it comes to this new single from our pals friends in SEXSOMNIA, based out of good ol’ Montreal…not […]Read More

Aidan – Catharsis

Aidan – Catharsis – EP Review You gotta dig this guy.  You just gotta.  It’s like an unwritten rule. Aidan is back up on our pages already for the second time this year – and there’s already one extremely noticeable change before you even push play; he’s dropped his last name for this next chapter […]Read More

Noobeats – Catharsis

Noobeats – Catharsis – EP Review You might just find yourself in need of somethin’ to get your rump bumpin’ tonight – so let’s unleash this meaty & beat-y EP called Catharsis by electronic producer Noobeats from Berlin, Germany. Bringing six brand-new tracks to us through this latest effort; you’ll find them packed full of energy, […]Read More