Hanen – “Breathe”

 Hanen – “Breathe”

Absolutely solid stuff from the screen to your speakers – Texas-born, LA-based artist Hanen has got a killer single on his hands with his brand-new cut called “Breathe” that is built for the right here & now.  A wicked fusion of style & sound in the music and a charismatic, versatile, and dynamic artist on the mic – Hanen exemplifies what it means to truly have powerful crossover potential.  He’ll start out in a piano-led vibe that’s mired in the murk of clouded thoughts and emotions before the beat comes in to assist in strengthening the sound – and honestly, everything you’ll hear is in the exact place you wanna hear it.

The beat itself comes courtesy of Kayts – and it’s spectacularly tight – all it really needed to be complete was an artist like Hanen skillful enough to find the real connection between the mood, music, and lyrics – and of course, thankfully, that’s what we’ve got here.  Supported by brilliant visuals in a wild storyline that flows with the music onscreen in the video, Hanen proves he can sing soulfully and rap confidently & capably – and perhaps most importantly, shift & transition between these elements like a complete professional.  From the natural shots & desolate scenery, to full neon black-light face-paint & artistically shot visuals perfectly timed to the music, everything about “Breathe” shows the attention to detail, effort, and sound of an artist that has everything he needs to keep taking his career to the next-level he deserves.

Expertly directed & produced by Wit Dziki – Hanen’s “Breathe” is how you go about finding that incredible balance between a video & song, whereby what you see complements what you hear, and what you hear fully suits the visuals you see.  I found myself going back & forth between what I loved most, whether it was the incredibly artistic design of the music, or the remarkably textures, tones, and emotions in Hanen’s singing voice, the bold coldness of the icy piano notes ringing out, or the insanely awesome bars that Hanen drops towards the end as he flips the script and takes “Breathe” in a direction you wouldn’t see coming from where it started.  Spoiler alert…the video echoes that same sentiment – if you’re paying close attention, you’ll see a whole different Hanen by the time “Breathe” is finished; out of the dark and into the light, fresh-faced and ready to tackle his demons with a whole new outlook.  I think he’s done everything absolutely right here – the video makes a huge impact and so does the song; everything you’ll see is wildly entertaining, and the music/performance by Hanen is seriously mesmerizing.  There might not be a single one of us that can put our finger on exactly what the X-factor is in any artist or band…we just know what’s special when we hear it…it’s something you can genuinely feel.  There’s something unbelievably rad goin’ on here with Hanen…I highly suspect we’re going to hear all kinds of awesomeness come out of this artist over the years to come if this is where he’s already at.  “Breathe” is 100% single-worthy…from the essential background vocals so expertly placed, to the flexible style & finesse that Hanen brings to the mic in the lead…to the stellar video & music that come along with him – I think this artist has a real highlight in 2020 with this cut, and I can’t wait to hear more.

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