Athmossmusic – “They Come For You”

Athmossmusic – “They Come For You” – Single Review The real question you need to answer for yourself in listening to this new Athmossmusic single, is who are ‘they’ and who ‘you’ might actually be…because you might be surprised about who’s exactly coming for whom here… Don’t get me wrong…I’m simply musing out loud…I understand […]Read More

Athmossmusic – “All Those Years”

Athmossmusic – “All Those Years” – Single Review Here’s the thing… …how many of you out there are bakers, cooks, or chefs? You don’t necessarily need to be a professional in those areas…maybe you just cook at home; my point is that…well…I suppose you all know better than to tinker with the recipe when you […]Read More

Athmossmusic – Music Box – The Tragic Story Of Arabella

Athmossmusic – Music Box – The Tragic Story Of Arabella Jones – Album Review Perhaps it’s best to provide you with the description provided to me in order to fully understand this new record from Athmossmusic…you know, so we’re all on the same page & all that good-stuff… “This is a progressive rock concept album […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 060

A diverse lineup of tunes from artists & bands out there in the independent music-scene that are taking the right steps toward that next-level and step in their careers.  Check out some excellent new music/videos from The Mountain Says No, Athmossmusic, VennmX, Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, The Bingo Brothers, Kna-Lo Venge, Lung Flower, National […]Read More

Athmossmusic – “Constant Change”

Athmossmusic – “Constant Change” – Single Review Always excellent to see things continually getting better for an artist!  In Athmoss’ case, it doesn’t just get better each time we run into him and his music – it gets bigger too.  Bigger in the sense that when we started covering his music in early 2015 it […]Read More