Andrew Gerard – “Who Do You Love”/”Miracles”

Andrew Gerard – “Who Do You Love”/”Miracles” – Singles Review Sometimes there’s really no choice but to start over again. While any assumptions I could make or conclusions I could draw to would be entirely speculative, according to the facts online, it was roughly two years ago that solo artist Andrew Gerard’s marriage began to […]Read More

Andrew Gerard – Run Away With Me

Andrew Gerard – Run Away With Me – Album Review There was every reason to have high hopes and expectations for the new full-length record from singer/songwriter Andrew Gerard; we’ve been reviewing singles in pre-release of this album since the end of 2016 and been listening with anticipation as Run Away With Me evolved over […]Read More

Andrew Gerard – “One More Night”/”Shine”

Andrew Gerard – “One More Night”/”Shine” – Singles Review I have the feeling that if you’re a part of the camp surrounding Andrew Gerard and his music, you’re probably in pretty damn good spirits these days.  There is every reason to celebrate; he’s getting airplay on over thirty stations in the UK, he’s shifted his […]Read More

Andrew Gerard – “Forest Fire”

Andrew Gerard – “Forest Fire” – Single Review There comes a point where you can’t deny the amount of momentum you see an artist/band picking up along the way as they continue their career…some call it the breaking-point – only in this scenario it implies good things…those moments before a musician’s life irreparably changes into […]Read More

Andrew Gerard – “Falling To Pieces”

Andrew Gerard – “Falling To Pieces” – Single Review I swear the independent scene has started to stack the deck in their favor towards the end of 2016 here.  The run of amazing tunes as of recent continues strongly on with the new single “Falling To Pieces” by solo-artist & singer/songwriter Andrew Gerard.  He’s written […]Read More