SBS Podcast 023

Dig it! On this week’s show we talk about longevity in the independent music-scene, what it takes to stick around throughout the years and what to do instead of worrying about a million hits. Featuring excellent tuneage (as always!) from a ton of amazing artists & bands on the show – check out songs by: […]Read More

SBS Podcast 010

Incredible tunes in this week’s podcast! Check out new music from Kostis Chaveles, Acres Of Lions, Dylan Schneider, A Love Like Pi, Lunar Woods, Anxious Houseguest, Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, Corey Zaccari, AJTheKid, Aminita Satori – this episode’s stocked with music to make your weekend bounce with all the right energy. To become the […]Read More

Aminita Satori – Back To The Stars We Go

Aminita Satori – Back To The Stars We Go – Album Review Had I not already been in a stellar mood today, Aminita Satori’s new album Back To The Stars We Go would have put me there.  I easily remembered that name when I saw it pop into the playlist…this was an artist that I […]Read More

Aminita Satori – Where Language Fails

Aminita Satori – Where Language Fails – Album Review Undeniably, there is a true artist that ‘gets it’ here…though from what I can gather that hasn’t always been the case. Aminita Satori used to enjoy a successful career as a soundtrack producer for major television ads & promotions for giants of industry like McDonald’s, Verizon, […]Read More