Alien Skin – “Première Guerre Mondiale”

Alien Skin – “Première Guerre Mondiale” – Single Review Alrighty…let’s see if I still remember how to do all this music stuff post-vacation… I mean, I’m doing pretty damn good so far as selection goes…Alien Skin & I go back a few years now here at our pages and this is a one-man musical project […]Read More

Alien Skin – P.O.P. Pop

Alien Skin – P.O.P. Pop – Album Review Always awesome to have this guy in the mix and he never keeps us waiting long – the new Alien Skin record P.O.P. Pop from experimental solo-artist George Pappas has arrived only a short time after we reviewed his last EP, A Spoonful Of Voices, back in […]Read More

Alien Skin – A Spoonful Of Voices

Alien Skin – A Spoonful Of Voices – EP Review Those familiar with the music of George Pappas already know just how productive this guy is.  Once he adds A Spoonful Of Voices to the Alien Skin website, that’ll be the tenth record you find there – and if you head over to the page […]Read More

Alien Skin – 1980 Redux

Alien Skin – 1980 Redux – Album Review 1980 Redux you say?  I could have sworn that over the past 6 months or so we’ve been living in 1984… Alien Skin returns to the pages here today with a brand-new record, the first since last year’s release of European Electronic Cinema; I say that like […]Read More

Alien Skin – European Electronic Cinema

Alien Skin – European Electronic Cinema – Album Review Always inspiring to read about the life of a musician and listen to all the twists and turns that their music & career will take them; case in point, the man behind the music of Alien Skin, George Pappas.  Even if you’re unfamiliar with the name […]Read More