SBS Podcast 096

Another special show for ya today on the SBS Podcast!  Artist Marcelo Camela takes on the audio interview for our Covid Relief Project, we’ll play a brand-new cut from his upcoming record, in addition to a whole lineup of tunes that celebrate instrumental awesomeness in a ton of exciting styles for ya!  Featuring music from […]Read More

Alex Rosselli – Holographic Space

Alex Rosselli – Holographic Space – Album Review I tell ya…instrumentalists can quite often have some of the most vibrant and vivid songs you’ll ever hear; combine that along with their intended themes and your own imagination to fill in the blanks and you can end up on a pretty wild ride overall.  Alex Rosselli’s […]Read More

Alex Rosselli – On The Beach

Alex Rosselli – On The Beach – EP Review Interesting creations from Alex Rosselli…he’s recently jumped-aboard the experimental/soundscape train and heading off into all kinds of new atmospheres and discovering new musical terrain. At the end of the day, the music Alex is making incorporates a strong vibe of fusion, free-jazz progressions and the signature […]Read More

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