Alan Osborne – “Castles In Your Eyes”

Alan Osborne – “Castles In Your Eyes” – Music Video/Single Review It has been…a pretty damn awesome year for Alan Osborne.  If you’ve been following along here at sleepingbagstudios, then you’ve been reading about this guy’s chronicles in music and the twists and turns his career have taken this year.  From the hiatus of his […]Read More

Alan Osborne – “Today”

You gotta give good ol’ Alan some serious credit.  Not only did the guy continue on immediately after his band National Impurities began its hiatus – but he’s already put out two extremely different singles that present altogether separate dimensions of his solo-sound that also just happen to have killer videos.  You can file his […]Read More

Alan Osborne – “You Are My Home”

Alan Osborne – “You Are My Home” One of the biggest challenges that can come our way as players in a band is that moment where one of the other members that isn’t you, ends up leaving.  Whether it’s a good reason or a bad reason, doesn’t matter, it can shake up the entire world […]Read More