Souleye – “The Victim”

 Souleye – “The Victim”

Not that we’d expect anything different from an artist we’ve known to be exceptional in the past, but it looks as if Souleye is indeed out to capture the attention of anyone within earshot in the hypnotic & rhythmic beat of his new single “The Victim” featuring Chachille.  Definitely a successful collaboration as far as I can see & hear…Souleye’s got the rap-verse on-lock and Chachille lends a hand by assisting with an inspired hook in the chorus.  It all sounds wicked – and in the video below you get visuals to go with your music – how awesome is that right?  Check out another guaranteed good-time and a killer new-single to go with that video below for “The Victim” – you’ll get a full-dose of Souleye, appearances from Chachille and a whole crew of talented dancers in the spotlight of this brand-new video.  Word on the street is, there’s even MORE new music from Souleye set to be released soon – you know we’ll be ready!

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