SnapDibz – “Backwards In My Head” Feat. Rey Khan

 SnapDibz – “Backwards In My Head” Feat. Rey Khan

SnapDibz – “Backwards In My Head” Feat. Rey Khan – Music Video Post

I was diggin’ on that latest single from SnapDibz featuring Rey Khan called “Rivals” and the video that came with it last week – today we’re takin’ ya for a trip back in time to where it all started.  No Delorian required to get you there…hang on to your plutonium for now all you amateur Doc Browns – this first single they collaborated on is still fresh as fresh can be, and was released this same year, back in May.

There is never such a thing as a bad time to promote a great song as far as I’m concerned; never will be.  Plus – I’m pretty sure I mentioned before, that I like cartoons and all kinds of animated stuff – that’s my jam, 100%.

I also really like how these two artists collaborate together…they proved they’ve got something solid goin’ on with “Rivals,” but in checking out where it all began with “Backwards In My Head,” it’s pretty easy to understand why they chose to keep on pairing up throughout 2021 based on all you see & hear.  But truly – look at it from the standpoint of how they divide their time on this cut, and you’ll recognize it speaks volumes on behalf of how they do the right thing to suit the song, unified together in their vision.  “Backwards In My Head” for instance, is a SnapDibz song featuring Rey Khan – but to listen to it, you’d almost assume the opposite with Rey spending the vast majority of the time on the mic and leading the way through the hooks – in fact, it’s not until you’re past the two-minute mark that you’ll hear Snap for the first time!  Don’t get it twisted – the balance is still there – Snap will make his presence felt when he shows up, and of course you got Dibz makin’ the magic happen in the meantime – what I’m saying is, it’s rare to find an artist so willing to share the spotlight, but when you find’em like you do here in SnapDibz, you get collaborations with quality like these, where a featured guest like Rey really gets their chance to shine, if not all-out take on a starring role.

That’s a selfless act in this music business we’re witnessin’ y’all – those don’t just come along every day.

If you’ve ever felt trapped inside your thoughts, or struggling to overcome the obstacles you’ve been facing and you’re feeling overwhelmed – it’s tracks like “Backwards In My Head” that’ll help you realize you’re not alone.  The fact that SnapDibz & Rey Khan are here to do what they’re doin’ so well today, is a testament to how there’s something special waiting on the other side of depression and self-doubt – by focusing in on making high-quality music & videos, they’ve found an outlet that generates catharsis both for them, and for you out there listening & watching as well.  The visuals on this video are 100% spot-on – I’d even go as far as to say that I probably like what I’m seeing in “Backwards In My Head” more than I did with “Rivals” – but I ain’t complaining about either – and as far as the music goes, you can’t lose with what this unified collaboration between SnapDibz and Rey Khan are creating together.

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