SILVERSAGE – “Wake Up” – Single Review

Now…if you read these pages on the regular, you know I spin these songs & records relentlessly as I’m reviewing them, that’s just how I roll.  But I don’t want to take any credit away from the impact Las Vegas-based SILVERSAGE makes with just one listen to their single “Wake Up” – not only will the hooks of this song get stuck in your head, you’ll be more than happy they filled the space.  The melodic & emotionally powerful message & music within the single/video are designed to move you…so let it.  This is one of those experiences where you honestly want to open up your heart a little more to connect to.  Point is, I’m not about to forget anything about this song, band, or video any time soon – they’ve absolutely nailed every part of this from the speakers to the screen.

Because…well…believe me when I say, the grey in my beard indicates I’m old & dusty enough to have run into more than a few songs out there during my time that make an attempt to reach out, to help, and to heal.  While each of these efforts almost certainly have their own altruistic merits unique to themselves…it’s probably still much more rare than you might think to have the whole idea…concept, music, theme, performance, message…all connect as strongly as each of these songs might hope to.  Not gonna lie to ya dear readers, dear friends – SILVERSAGE immediately stood out for the genuine sincerity that matters in music.  In a song like “Wake Up,” you’ll find that’s because they clearly believe in the strength of the message & their ability to translate that energy, emotion, or feeling to the listeners out there; and perhaps most importantly, they recognize they have the power to affect people on a personal level.  In the case of “Wake Up,” it’s an extremely real level…you’ll get that through the song for sure, but there’s no way you could miss it in the video they’ve got supporting this single – check it out below.

SILVERSAGE where have ya been all my life?  This band clearly has a ton of heart and a ton of skill – and as far as I can remember, you amazing people out there seem to enjoy a combination built of such things.  The empowering threads that run through the video & song are spectacular…they’re not going to make it easy on ya visually…because “Wake Up” is an authentic reflection of what a lot of us go through in our own lives – that means some of these scenes are hard to take.  If you’re an empathic type of personality, or you’ve experienced similar things that you’ll see in the scenes onscreen, from being a troubled youth, to cutting, to domestic violence, to drugs & battling personal demons – there are moments where the emotion runs so high both visually & audibly that there’s a good chance it’ll induce some tears.  The author of this review right here…the bearded guy I was referring to a bit earlier…might just have cracked a tear or two as well; no one can really see me here, so it’s hard to know for sure…

…but supposing that I DID…I’ll explain why that might have been…

It’s not ALL because of the highly effective, extremely well-acted, brilliantly thought-out and tough to watch scenes of the video…though each of them play a role in being a necessary reminder that we’re either experiencing things like this ourselves in life or we know someone that is…or at the very least, we know SOMEONE out there, multiple someones out there unfortunately, go through this kind of stuff every day.  Everything is spot-on spectacular and makes the point visually, beyond the shadow of a doubt – and I ain’t gonna lie, I loved these scenes…I think SILVERSAGE has done an extraordinary job on this video, all-around…and at first, things aren’t exactly all that happy, you feel me?  LIFE ain’t always happy folks, I got news for ya.  But that don’t mean we have to stay chained to our own sadness or not make an attempt to break free from anything in life that’s holding us back – and ultimately, I’d charge that this is what “Wake Up” is truly all about.  Pay close attention to the video and watch the shift occur – I think it’s right around the 2:05-ish mark that you’ll first start to see things changing…and it’s remarkable.  Not just for what you’ll see (which again, is all excellent) but for the uplifting message, comfort, and inspiration that comes along with everything you’ll hear & see…we can change…we can “Wake Up.”

Subtly included in the video from the very beginning stages, SILVERSAGE shows you something else that’s extremely important, which will tie in to the ending of “Wake Up” – and that’s the fact that, none of us are alone.  While each of these individual scenarios seem so personal and unique to ourselves, they’re still experiences we share together in so many ways…we’re all people who know people…we all make an impact and affect each other’s lives…and in the times we need them the most, you’ll find that there is always someone out there willing to listen.  You’ll see the sort of group therapy session that has the characters from each individual storyline sitting together…supporting each other, being there.  Most significantly perhaps, SILVERSAGE shows us that our strength IS that togetherness…again, pay close attention to the video around the 2:30 mark and watch what happens.  If you’re anything like myself, this is where that tear might occur at the corner of your eye – because SILVERSAGE really gets this moment perfectly RIGHT.  At the time of the breakdown in the song, you’ll see the characters onscreen decide to up & move…and they end up right there with SILVERSAGE as they’re playing live…and in my opinion, it’s a scene that demonstrates magnificently just how the power of music can bring us all together, heal & help us, and even empower us with the strength we need to overcome any obstacle.

And within chants of “we’ve got the light in us, we’ve got the fight in us” – you FEEL that unity…because WE are ALL a part of what SILVERSAGE has been singing about all along.  You see this full-circle stuff happening here?  I think what they’ve got going on with “Wake Up” is 100% beyond commendable.

All these guys – Chris Kennedy, Austin Perry, Elias Trujillo, Jon Trujillo, and Ziggy Zuñiga – they all deserve a huge shout-out – what they’ve got started in SILVERSAGE sounds completely professional, yet still right there on a level where just about everyone out there can reach and connect to in their own way.  My biggest wish for this band, would be to protect these abilities they have…to inspire, provide comfort, to connect, to unify…with everything they’ve got; we’ve all witnessed what can happen to a band that rises up to the top of the scene only to forget where they’ve come from.  With SILVERSAGE – they’re clearly working with a worldwide sound and a sincere attitude/approach that will get them to the top of the charts…I have, little to no doubt at all about this…they’re definitely on their way to great things.  Not a single thing I’d change about this single!  The vocals in this band are stellar, the players are perfect in each of their roles, they’ve got five-pieces that lead to real depth in their sound – SILVERSAGE, as a BAND, knows exactly how to throw that switch and make music matter…they’ll earn your respect with what they achieve onscreen & in your speakers from beginning to end on “Wake Up.”

And as far as I can tell – if this first experience with their music is any indication – they deserve it.

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